About Gibraltar

The Gibraltar Team

Gibraltar’s management team has extensive experience in the construction, governmental services, and professional sales and service industries.  Our management team ensures that our clients receive excellent quality products, that are competitively priced, along with outstanding customer service.  We work as a team to obtain the best results for our clients understanding that time is money and waiting on material costs both.

Using the specialized skills, knowledge, and experience of each of our management team members and support personnel, supplemented by the latest technology, we serve our clients both effectively and economically.  Our first and foremost concern is to always represent our client’s best interests.  We work to understand our client’s needs and objectives, and adapt to meet those objectives.  We encourage communication and support among all members of the Gibraltar team to provide our clients with the expertise and experience necessary to produce economical, beneficial, and excellent quality results in a timely manner.  These fundamental principles, practiced with integrity, are brought to each task by all members of the Gibraltar team.  We invite you to get to know the Gibraltar team and capture the quality of our people and their experience, which are our most important assets and sets Gibraltar apart from everyone else.

Management Team

Bill Neusch

Chief Executive Officer - Owner

Bill Neusch is a serial entrepreneur who currently owns and runs three businesses in the Gibraltar Family of Companies and a family Foundation. He has over 40 years of security fence experience, has over 35 design patents and multiple patents pending. Bill designed and developed the Gibraltar Cable Barrier System as well as Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection barrier products that are approved by the Department Of Defense (DOD) and Department Of State (DOS).
Gibraltar US has fabricated, installed, and performed on over 30 site segments which consisted of over 150 miles of pedestrian/vehicle barrier projects along the US–Mexico border in support of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs Border Patrol (CBP). The first four US Southern border fence projects under US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Multiple Award Task Order Contracts (MATOC) was Bill Neusch’ s design. This design, with a few modifications, is used by USACE for much of the current fence. Gibraltar has experience constructing all aspects of the southern US border fence including, gates, grates, and wash-outs. Gibraltar’s border experience is proven in meeting or beating project schedule requirements with exceptional quality and safety record. Gibraltar's border solutions are proven and effective tools in slowing, redirecting and deterring illegal entries in areas where DHS/CBP personnel and technologies alone are insufficient. Working as both fabricator and installer. Due to the sheer magnitude in size of the border work, Gibraltar had over 500 employees and set up eight fabrication yards throughout California, Arizona & Texas.
Gibraltar Perimeter Security specializes in high-security products to protect borders, perimeters, and governments, including industrial and commercial facilities such as military bases, prisons, airports, power plants, refineries, corporate headquarters, embassies, and other critical infrastructure.

Jim Bryer

Chief Financial Officer / Legal Counsel

Jim received his undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin in 1988. In 1992, he graduated from U.T. Austin with both an MBA from the School of Business and a JD from the Law School. He is a licensed Texas Attorney and a licensed CPA and has over 20 years of senior financial management experience with rapid growth companies of all sizes. He joined Gibraltar in October 2009.

Robert Arbaugh 

Chief Estimator / Business Development

Robert joined the Gibraltar U.S. team in 2016 as Chief Estimator for domestic border projects Robert brings with him over 35 years’ experience in commercial horizontal construction which provides a unique and thorough understanding of project requirements, owner’s needs, and the various players associated with major construction projects (i.e. architects, engineers, and subcontractors). Robert has led Gibraltar’s estimating team in the successful pursuit of new opportunities and this success has led to Gibraltar’s significant growth in the horizontal construction industry sector. Robert graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Science in 1985.