ASTM F2656-07 Tested and Certified

Gibraltar’s M50 P1 Wedge Barrier was designed to meet the most stringent specifications and perimeter security standards for anti-ram vehicle barriers. Our barrier is manufactured in widths of 8’0” – 14’6”. The M50 P1 Wedge Barrier is listed and approved on the USACE Department of Defense (DOD) Anti-Ram Barrier list.

The Gibraltar M50 P1 Wedge Barrier is a great option for airports, military bases, data centers, chemical facilities, water treatment plants, power plants, refineries, energy substations, etc. that need hostile vehicle mitigation at their vehicle access control points (ACP).

Our wedge barriers are offered with full electric or hydraulic operation. Our electric wedge barrier is currently undergoing 24/7 cycle testing and has 500,000+ cycles with no parts replacement of any kind. The electric model also has the capability of performing heavy duty cycle rates and is 100% submersible as the custom stainless steel motor carries an IP68 rating.

G-2000 M50 P1 Wedge Barrier
G-2000 M50 P1 Wedge Barrier

The G-2000 M50 P1 Wedge Barrier is one of the only wedge barriers on the market with a shallow foundation of 12" and an M50 P1 Certification tested to ASTM F2656-07.

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