Crowd Protection

Modular Vehicle Barrier (MVB)

ASTM F2656-07 M30 P2 Certified

Patent Pending

Gibraltar's Modular Vehicle Barrier (MVB) is ASTM F2656-07 M30 P2 certified as a single 20 ft. unit. The units are welded out with minimal assembly if adding options like anti-climb fence panels. The units have the capability of being pinned together via extension bars to add more mass to the linear run of barrier. The barriers are set in place with no mounting/bolting to the ground surface needed.

Gibraltar has performed in-house testing on 10 ft. units and 5 ft. units as well. The individual 10 ft. unit was impacted using a Sedan sized vehicle traveling at 30MPH. The 5 ft. units were tested linked together using our pedestrian archway, which allows people to pass between units while not losing crashworthiness. The 5 ft. units were impacted using a full-size four door Dodge Ram pickup truck traveling at 30MPH. The 5 ft. MVB units are not to be used as a standalone barrier, they must be linked to another MVB unit to be considered crashworthy. We also used the pickup truck on another in-house test in which we impacted 3 ea. 10 ft. units connected at 30MPH with an impact angle of 45 degrees. 

The units are designed to be lightweight for mobility but use the vehicle's own inertia to stop itself. The MVB's can be deployed very quickly and up to 33 units can fit on a flatbed semi-trailer. The barrier's standard coating is hot-dip galvanized to ASTM A123, but custom wet-paint applications are an option as well. We also offer 10 ft. wide by 6 ft. height anti-pedestrian fence panels that can be secured to the units in the event that anti-pedestrian measures are in place. 

For pedestrian access, we offer an optional archway that allows a gap of 42" wide for pedestrian access between two MVB units, while allowing them to still be connected to one another. The height of the archway frame is the standard doorway height of 80" (6 ft. 8 in.). The units come standard with an extension bar to connect the units together when an archway is not desired. For curbs or step ups, Gibraltar has designed the pins and connection plates with the ability to go up or down +/- 12 in. for curb drop offs and keep the system secured.

The Gibraltar MVB is one of the quickest and lightest deployable solutions in the temporary event protection and hostile vehicle mitigation sectors.