G-1000 Series Anti-Ram Bollards

Anti-Ram Bollards Protect Pedestrians

Gibraltar has crash rated bollard solutions to protect pedestrians, facilities, and assets from errant vehicles and terrorist attacks. 

The G-1150 M50 Shallow Foundation Bollard is one of the world's only ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1 (K12 L3) certified shallow foundation bollard. With a foundation of only 12" (305mm) deep it can withstand a 15,000 lb. truck traveling at 50mph, while allowing for less than 1 meter of penetration from the backside of the bollard to the lower leading edge of the truck bed. 

Gibraltar offers engineered crash rated bollard solutions for lower rating impacts based on the results of the G-1150 M50 Shallow Foundation Bollard. These ratings include M40 and M30 impact ratings.

Shallow foundation bollards are a great option for areas where there is existing infrastructure below grade. The 12" (305mm) foundation allows for a crash rated product to be installed with no harm to utilities deeper than 12". In cities, this solves many of the issues with underground utilities.

Gibraltar offers standard mount crash certified bollards as well for areas where the footing of a shallow system may not work due to space constraints.

The G-1350 M50 Standard Foundation Bollard is also certified to ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1 and we offer engineered standard options of M40 and M30 based off the results of the G-1350 test certification.

Gibraltar has supplied these anti-ram bollards to sites all over the world, including the Middle East, U.S. Military and Government sites, and Las Vegas Boulevard. 

While there is no single, perfect solution, anti-terrorist bollards are a great option when planning your hostile vehicle mitigation strategy in urban areas, as they allow for pedestrian foot-traffic to pass uninterrupted, while providing security to people and buildings.

Both the G-1150 and G-1350 anti-ram bollards are listed on the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Department of Defense (DOD) Anti-Ram Barrier List.