About Gibraltar

Company Overview

Gibraltar started with one simple idea; provide a product of superior quality, that is cost effective, and easy to install.

Gibraltar is a manufacturer and supplier of barriers offering highway safety, perimeter Access Control and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection.  Gibraltar's innovative products can be found around the world protecting the traveling public as well as protecting high-value assets, resources and personnel.  Let Gibraltar provide you with a barrier solution that fits your specific application.

Gibraltar headquarters building

Gibraltar recently consolidated two of their operations into their new expanded facility in Marble Falls, Texas, now consisting of over 32,000 square feet of Office/Shop space located on approx 16 acres.  The Business offices, Sales, Manufacturing facilities, and Shipping Department are now under one roof.  With over 8 acres of prepared laydown yard, there is plenty of room to accommodate not only multiple truckloads of raw material, but also work-in-progress (WIP) production, as well as finished goods; ready to ship.   Gibraltar delivers materials daily across the United States and has offices abroad allowing for expedient product deliveries around the globe.