2015 Salem Company Awarded Contract for I-5, Kuebler Project

Salem construction company K & E Excavating has been awarded the $9.6 million contract for construction of the Interstate 5 Kuebler Interchange Project.

Construction on the project is expected to start in May and continue through October. The project will relieve congestion and improve safety by modifying the existing southbound off-ramp, which will hopefully decrease the conflicts on Kuebler that have sometimes caused back-ups on the freeway.

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, the new ramp will meet modern standards and contain excess capacity.

The project also will add a westbound-to-southbound I-5 loop on the ramp and modify the eastbound-to-southbound I-5 on-ramp.

Staging has not yet been finalized on the project. But motorists can expect periodic single lane closures and, on some nights, two-lane closures.

Funding for the project comes from the Jobs and Transportation Act, which was approved by the legislature in 2009.