Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers

Vertical Lift Barrier 50' - M50 P2

Gibraltar has a fully tested Vertical Lift Barrier in our Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier portfolio. The G-3000 Series Vertical Lift Barrier has been tested and certified to DOS, DOD and ASTM F2656-07 requirements. These testing requirements include arresting a 15,000lb (6810kg) vehicle traveling and 50mph (80 kph). 

In addition to providing the force protection the G-3000 Series Vertical Lift Barrier permits a span up to 50 feet, the equivalent of four (4) twelve foot (12’) traffic lanes in a single barrier. This affords the customer with a cost effective M50 Crash-Rated Anti-Ram vehicle barrier solution that may eliminate the need for multiple barriers trying to cover the same distance. The G-3000 Series Vertical Lift Barrier has quickly become the preferred product of choice where a span exceeding a single traffic lane is being utilized. The G-3000 Series Vertical Lift Barrier, unlike other barrier systems, conceals the crash cables. This design element eliminates possible exposure and damage to the cables.








The G-3000 Series Vertical Lift Barrier has been utilized primarily for the DOD as final denial barriers. Gibraltar barriers have been successfully installed on a variety of Military facilities in conjunction with an affiliated ACCS (Access Control Command System) fulfilling all AVB (Active Vehicle Barrier) and ACPCS (Access Control Point Control System) requirements.





  • Controls up to 4 Lanes of Traffic with One Barrier
  • EFO Speeds of Less than 2 Seconds
  • Replacement of Barrier After Hit in Less Than 1 Hour
  • Completely Conceals Cables When Open
  • Integrates with ACCS, Over Speed & Wrong Way 
  • Over 1.4 Million Cycles per Year