Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers

Vertical Lift Barrier 24' - M50 P1

Gibraltar has a fully tested Vertical Lift Barrier in our Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier portfolio. The G-3000 Series Vertical Lift Barrier System has been tested and certified to DOS, DOD and ASTM F2656-07 requirements (M50 P1). These testing requirements include arresting a 15,000 lb (6810kg) vehicle traveling and 50mph (80 kph).  







In addition to providing effective force protection against vehicle threats, the G-3000 Series Vertical Lift Barrier provides a span up to 50 feet, the equivalent of four (4) twelve foot (12’) traffic lanes in a single anti-ram vehicle barrier. This affords the customer with a cost effective M50 Crash-Rated Anti-Ram retractable security gate solution that eliminates the need for multiple barriers trying to cover the same distance. The G-3000 Series crash gate has quickly become the preferred barrier gate product of choice where a span exceeding a single traffic lane is being utilized. The retracted G-3000 Series Vertical Lift Barrier, unlike other barrier systems, protects the crash cables completely from passing traffic. This design element eliminates possible exposure and damage to the cables, and reduces failure modes and long term maintenance.

The G-3000 Series Vertical Lift Barrier has been utilized primarily for the DOD as final denial barriers. Gibraltar barriers are in use today at Military facilities in conjunction with an affiliated ACCS (Access Control Command Systems) fulfilling all AVB (Active Vehicle Barrier) and ACPCS (Access Control Point Control System) requirements.