Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers

Post & Beam

Patent Pending

The Gibraltar G-FORCE series of crash rated fence systems is anchored by the Post & Beam sub-series. Gibraltar has performed successful crash testing of multiple configurations of the Post & Beam Anti-Ram Fence to allow for boundary protection for 6 different types of speed and rating combinations. 

Gibraltar has tested and certified the G-FORCE Post & Beam to ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1, M40 P2, and M30 P1. This system is designed to require less labor and material costs compared to traditional anti-ram systems in the market place, thus saving installers and end users time and money.

The Post & Beam system differs from the Brace & Beam and Combination fence systems in that it is not shallow foundation and does not have a brace system. This allows for less real estate to be taken up when compared to those two systems. 

The system can be offered as a stand alone system or with a palisade fascia. The system comes standard hot-dipped galvanized, but standard coating options in both black and military tan are available. Custom colors other than are standard offering will require a customized quote. 

The G-FORCE Series of anti-ram crash fences is a key component of Gibraltar’s perimeter anti-vehicle barrier portfolio, which includes offerings of crash certified anti-ram crash gates, wedge barriers, bollards, vertical lift barriers, and drop arms.