Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers

G-5550 Anti-Ram Sliding Crash Gate

The G-5550 Anti-Ram Sliding Crash Gate is an active vehicle barrier (AVB) was successfully tested under ASTM F2656-07 test specifications, receiving an M50 (K12) certification.

The G-5550 Anti-Ram Sliding Crash Gate provides both anti-vehicular, anti-terrorism, and pedestrian barrier functions. This high security gate retrofits with any style of fencing – including palisade or chain link fabric - for a uniform appearance.

Gibraltar’s G-5550 Anti-Ram Sliding Crash is an automatic barrier gate that safeguards access control points, protects high-risk security assets, facilities, and personnel from a terrorist threat.  The system functions as part of an industrial and military facility security strategy while operating as an automatic barrier gate for high-volume traffic control.

The G-5550 Anti-Ram Sliding Crash Gate is designed to stop a 15,000 lb. (6804kg) gross weight vehicle traveling at a nominal speed of 50 mph, when impacting the barrier at its weakest point.

Standard Features:

  • ASTM F2656-07 M50 P2 Certified (24' - 28')
  • (15,000 lbs @ 50 mph/ 6804 kg @ 80.5 kph)
  • Welded Tube Steel Framework
  • Wheel/Track Guiding System
  • Mechanical and Manual Operation
  • Immediate Reverse Operation

Optional Features:

  • Customizable Control Panels
  • Remote Control Panels
  • Visual Deployment Signals
  • Audio Alarms
  • Traffic Signals
  • Battery Backup System
  • Can be Suited to Aesthetically Match Existing Fencing